The Climb

November 10, 2017

When we look ahead to our goal of finding a sibling for Hudson, it seems as if there is a mountain of obstacles in our way. Navigating our way has been a long and difficult process. This is our Mt. Everest… our Kilimanjaro. In our journey to the summit, we have discovered just how many different paths can be taken and how many tools are needed to get there. Not all paths are fit for travel. Some paths are longer than others; some are steeper and more dangerous. We have slipped and fallen several times. The climb has been physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting.  


Recently, we discovered the NRFA. At about the same time that we put out our last blog, we created a profile on NRFA (National Registry for Adoption). It connects those searching for embryos to adopt with families that have embryos available. Once a couple has decided they are finished creating their family and wish to find a loving family to donate their embryos to, they can go onto the NRFA, create a profile, and email prospective families to find a good match. For those looking for embryos, you sign up and create your own profile. After we created our profile, and uploaded photos, we messaged several families in our area and waited for a response. We’ve heard back from two couples, and recently we got to meet one of these families in person. This meeting has given us hope once more, and we hope that this path will lead us to the summit! They seem obtainable again. It won’t be easy; it won’t be inexpensive, but in the end, we pray, it will be worth it. See, this family has graciously offered us their precious snowflakes- the gift of hope, the gift of life! Six tiny frozen embryos- three boys and three girls. This is the greatest gift of all! How can we even begin to thank them for this great blessing?


So what are the next steps? Well, it’s not uncomplicated, but nothing about our journey has been. We have made an appointment with our fertility doctor to meet and create our plan of action for an IVF cycle. I have started with some herbal medications to help prepare my body for the upcoming cycle. We must contact a lawyer and have legal paperwork drawn up in order to give us complete ownership of these tiny lives. We will most likely be required to see a psychologist to make sure we are mentally prepared for the road ahead. Just like for many other things in life there are hoops to jump through, but with hope and faith in the process, we feel like we can do anything.


Our journey’s far from over, but it feels good to have made a choice and be moving forward. We know that we have asked for financial help on this journey, and we are so very thankful for the help we have received so far. Now that our path is a lot more clear and we know our next step(s), we know about how much the costs will be. For the fees from the fertility doctor, the lawyer, the psychologist and the medications, our costs will be about $10,000. This is a lot of money, and with Matt being a Teacher and me working a few side jobs while staying home with Hudson, this is going to be hard for us to cover on our own. So, we are reaching out for help once again. Please help us get the word out there. If everyone donates just a little, it will add up to a lot and help us tremendously. Thank you so very much.


A Sibling for Hudson @ GoFundMe






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