Rays of Hope

September 20, 2017

On my drive to bring Hudson to school this morning I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the sky was. Even with a ton of cloud cover, in the distance there were rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds. It hit me, or inspired me, that our cry out for help with our website, asiblingforhudson.com is about so much more than fighting to complete our family. Some day when my son is older I pray that he’ll look back on this and see that the things in life most worth having are worth the fight. Make no mistake, there will be cloud cover but always look for the rays of hope on the road, all the while knowing that these clouds will pass, they cannot linger forever, and what lies beneath is warm and beautiful and will fill your soul with joy. Even if nothing come of this website, of our attempts, at least our son will know we tried. That we persevered and never gave up. We cried, agonized, and fought and the road was not easy, never easy. It had bumps, twists, turns, and enormous hills and at times seemed never ending. There was plenty of sacrifice on this road. I sacrificed my body over and over again, we sacrificed our savings and owning a home. At times we lost faith, hope, and our own self worth. This was all in the name of having a family of our own. My son, my precious child, you were worth the fight and so is your future sibling. Never give up on your dreams, son. Fight for what you want and look for the rays of hope on the road there. When the clouds clear you’ll see that it was all worth it.




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