The Power of Sharing

August 22, 2017

The universe works in mysterious ways. Anyone that has read our story knows we’ve gone through some hard times. Heck, many of us have. Life can be unfair. It gives, and it takes. It knocks us down and picks us back up. We can choose to let it get the best of us, or we can take a stand and fight.


When we started this site, we had no idea what to expect. Of course, we had certain hopes and wishes, but we knew that we were swinging for the fences. Revealing such a private and difficult part of our lives was taking a big leap of faith. We had to. This was the only thing left we could do.


We certainly recognize that we are not any more deserving of help than anyone else reading this. We know that we are extremely fortunate in many aspects of our lives. We have a wonderful marriage, a home to live in, a stable income, and of course, a blessing in the form of a handsome little boy named Hudson. But being able to have a child is something many people take for granted. Not the child themselves, but the ability to have a child. For those of us that struggle with infertility, we oftentimes get frustrated and resent those that are able to expand their families so easily. When you try and try again only to find failure, you get more and more desperate. You throw caution to the wind. You pour your heart out and release a website to ask for help…. And you have answered.


Our inner circle of friends and family answered. We, of course, don’t take their help for granted, but you expect the people you love to be there for you when you need them. Dozens of our friends and connections on social media answered by passing our story along and sharing our posts. We are so grateful for everyone that took the time to do so. What surprised us the most though was the outpouring of support from people we didn’t know. We watched as our story was read over 2,500 times in one week. We watched our site reach people from Japan, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, and the UK. We connected and shared hope with others struggling with infertility. We heard from strangers offering to help in ways that we can’t even begin to thank.


We are still on this journey to find a sibling for Hudson, but an amazing thing has happened. We found that people care. Not that we’d lost total faith in humanity, but we know that everyone has their own struggles, problems, and lives to worry about. We didn’t know how our site would be received. But, we found that strangers halfway across the world care enough about a family’s struggle to read and share. We found that in trying to help ourselves we could help others. We found that people that have the least are the ones that help the most. Fellow teachers, who don’t make money during the summer donated to our GoFundMe. Others who are struggling themselves manage to reach out a helping hand to those that are struggling. It’s an amazing thing. And we are so grateful.


So please, help us to continue to get our story out there. We know that when this story reaches the right person, at the right moment in time, our prayers will be answered. And thank you, once more for teaching us a valuable lesson, that most people in the world are hard- working, kind-hearted people that will do what they can to extend their hand to help when called upon.


In gratitude, Matt & Laura Trayte







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